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  • It’s a sport you can play no matter your age, if I can do it everybody can. The ball isn’t even that important! What’s more: I am the ball!
    Miriam MorenoTVE reporter
  • The most fun part is falling! I even make myself fall!
    Yellow MellowYouTuber
  • I have been spinning so much I have woken up thinking I was speaking italian.
    Roger Rubio'Els Minoristes' scriptwriter (Catalunya Ràdio)

What is Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Football, also known as Bubble Soccer, es a new sports and leisure modality comprised inside football wich claims to offer a unique and different experience to all football lovers and fans apart from the tradicional one. Created not long ago, it is and alternaty for all people who, without being football fans or, in most cases, not being really skillful, to play football knowing they will have a great time. 

It is a casual style modality for everyone to be able to play bubble football, giving the chance to everyone mostly interesed in competition to do so, as well as letting people who want a more relaxed experience have a great day. Unlike traditional football, born in completely different circumstances, Bubble Football is intended for all these people who increasingly have a bigger spectrum of services and offers to enjoy their free time and we wanted to be part of this services list becoming the first ones in Spain to offer this activity and placing our Bubble Football headquarters in Barcelona.

It is an original, stress relieving and fun sport without complicated rules, that will make you live one of your most intense experiences. In Bubble Soccer, a new element is added wich implies a great handicap to play a regular game: the bubbles, wich are gigantic plastic “bubbles” in wich the players get covered from head to ankles. Bubbles are attached to players by harness like a backpack, so players can try to maximise contact between themselves while being completely protected by the bubbles and knowing they can rebound safely without hurting themselves.

It is a fun way to get away from routine for everyone looking to enjoy for a day, being it outdoor or indoor with Bubble Football in Barcelona.

Bubble Football is the last known alternaty inside the big spectrum of activities fit for leisure, team building, fun and original bachelor or bachelorette parties (our mixed parties are also an unforgettable experiencie), birthday parties, children parties and sport and leisure days in Barcelona. People can participate in this activities to have a great time with their friends from a minimum of 8 people up to as many as they want.

Bubble Football is known as Fútbol Burbuja inside Spain, wich lets people have a bigger picture about this sport’s peculiarities. For all these people who like to collect experiences and who look for a chance to enjoy trying new activities and sensations answering this question: ”What should I do before…?” The only requisite is to be ready to enjoy a great time. Without a doubt our innovative and original sport, from start to end, is the one that gets all the tickets to win when it comes to choosing a different activity. When at last it seems that you are about to score, your best friend, your father, your little cousin or even your mother-in-law can reach out to you and knock you down…

You will be asking yourself “Who is the big one now?” in countless occasions. In many cases during Bubble Football games, forces are equaled and it is not as easy to win as you may think if you get yourself “bubble smashed” by surprise. Here can be demonstrated that skill can beat sheer force.

With friends, family or together with work colleagues there is always a time when we want to disconnect and do different activities with all of them may it be on vacation, on a weekend or on a holiday. On all these occasions, Bubble Football is appropiate and guarantees us living a very entertaining experience with lost of fun anecdotes, far from obligations and everyday demands.