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Team Building for agencies and companies

Are you an event agency and want to achieve maximum satisfaction of your customers and companies that hire you?

Bubble Football is ideal for agencies seeking new ways to surprise, teambuilding sessions, inter-company, staff motivation or simply live a different and amazing day.

Currently playing football with bubbles it is very successful for being used by the world’s best companies and teams that found in this activity a perfect excuse to achieve common goals, leadership and management.

Could it be that you may be specialized in one sport, hen partys, recreational activities… Then you’ll be glad to find us! We offer fun, laughter and guarantee unforgettable experiences.

The best agencies are actually enjoying with Bubble Football!

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Are you an agency and have a wide range of activities to do in the event you offer to customers who hire you? Comes a new opportunity in cities as Barcelona, Tarragona, Tenerife, Girona, Lleida, Mallorca, Ibiza, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Málaga, Madrid, Bilbao, Alicante, Murcia, Cádiz or Valencia for all customers looking for something new, original and fun and also intend to combine sport and fun in equal measure, all this is possible now safely in your events. If your target customer usually hire you to perform activities such as group dynamics, team building, hen nights, different birthdays it is clear that Bubble Football is going strong and is what you still had to offer, so it’s time contact us as specialized in Bubble Football events in Catalonia and Andorra company.

We offer hire curious and fun Bubbles, because rest assured that always arouse curiosity; your guests will be pleasantly surprised with this activity, enjoy, they’ll have fun and experience a different way of practicing sport like never before had happened to them. We are convinced that will be so pleased with the experience that I recommend to others in recruiting activities for events. Do not hesitate and includes Bubble Football in your leisure activities, it is easy and simple, and in return you get the satisfaction of having your customers happy tranquility that is suitable for all ages and as fun as safe activity.

Are you a company and think that your staff needs a break to revitalize the air in the apartment? Do you think they have to strengthen ties to teamwork is efficient and satisfactory? Want to celebrate the anniversary of your company with your employees? Or just want them to reward an activity of fun and different to what day ago to the day, now you can book a day with Bubble Football in our cities for group dynamic group, which is being valued more and it is proved that increases productivity and efficiency of employees. The activities of Bubble Soccer they pass very well, they laugh and release tensions, and that continues to be a sport, yet have to work together to get score a goal, but ultimately this is not important, since between falls, shocks and roll does not stop almost forget you have to get a goal. Quarrels and disputes will be put aside to give way to laughter, complicity and fellowship, because there is nothing like laughing and having fun as a group.