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Birthday activities

Do you want to organize this year’s birthday with a completely different activity to what is usually held? Surprise your friends!

With the pass of the years it is increasingly difficult to surprise your group of friends, whatever the reason why you come together, whether old comrades class, end of season, annual hangouts with friends, parties and birthdays … the important thing is that everyone s will have a great and remember forever that day.

You will make your friends enjoy a memorable football game with bubbles, our dynamic team will perform games, games and challenges to improve the experience of Bubble Football.

The laughs are guaranteed an unforgettable journey awaits you!

cumple int - Birthdays

The ideal activity has arrived our cities to celebrate your birthday in style! There are no excuses and much less for the brand new age, huh? Never too old for Bubble Football. No heels or tie, we must not go to the hair salon to be handsome for the event, now it goes birthdays slippers and shorts.

The number of guests will not be a problem because you can organize yourselves in turns and play everyone, absolutely everyone. Those who are waiting their turn what will be happening with fear seeing the rest wheel crashes, falls and makes the kibble, yes, all with style. And no home cooking, horseback tables and yourself out to be the perfect host and then have to mount an expedition to clean everything and leave as if nothing had happened for that we are, that if, in addition to the activity you want with bubbles You can hire a catering service excellent, going, round out the day.

So many years waiting to find an activity that broke with all that exist so far to celebrate a perfect birthday where all your friends and family can enjoy together and now only have to count the days every year to learn that the Bubble football is what you need, and nothing to be sad for another birthday But it’s the best! Celebrate stuffed inside a giant bubble and give everything.

In our events birthdays for all ages, all have a place in our games are held. It is for all those people who are prepared to deal with a party that will need a lot, but much stamina: to breathe and laugh and laugh, to drop and roll, all while trying to snatch the ball contrary to reach the goal and put goal A hard task!

We assure you laughing at each push, at every turn and in every attempt to give the ball emulating your footballing stars, but we can not promise is that any of you in a fit of laughter and so I mess goal, there will be demonstrated who is better able to keep from laughing.

Not worth doing tripping, especially because it can go wrong and you fall down, never forget that you in a bubble …