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Child party activities

Make the best children’s party that you ever imagined with Bubble Football!

It’s time to do something totally different and fun to surprise in a children’s party, children always remember the party you organized, ideal for birthday parties, celebrations, baptisms and end of course.

Our entertainment team will make children and not so children live an unforgettable day of Bubble Soccer and eventually pass them flying between goals, falls and passes.

We guarantee safety and fun to par! Do you want to surprise your son and leave with a mouth open to his friends with a football match with bubbles?

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You knew you could count on us, and although so far we had not made known to us, we are here! What we bring?

There comes a revolutionary concept that aims to give smaller house the wide range of possibilities for them to collect a set of experiences that give them a childhood fraught with various proposals for disconnection and children’s entertainment. You do not dreamed of the perfect holiday when you were little? And wouldn’t you like offer yours? Contact us! Everything you’ve seen so far: images and text is something that has gained you, but what it really fills us is that we can count on and you can spend all those photographs and experiences you share us your own adventure. Therein lies our true goal.

Ideal for your children the best party of the entire group of friends from school activity. For all adults (that group for children, who often do not understand what being a child, because “born great”) is known that at this age children seek to have an awesome party that is remembered and discussed and Parents always try to do so. Children only ask two things at a party of this kind and a game of soccer bubble assembles: Fun and Sport.

Children want to run to exhaustion to fall into bed exhausted when they get home and parents too (a reality). Younger also want during the week after his birthday all children playtime discuss what was your party fun and be the center of attention for the whole group of friends, because it means that the potatoes have been concerned ¿give them all this sounds expensive to a child? Rate It yourself, you will be surprised! Surely that usher to endless partying all children between matches Football Bubble, bubble will be started filming, and each taking place better than before and the group of children will forge a memory that tomorrow will have to share, and How much are the memories? Contact us, the party would always desired will be much closer than I ever would have imagined.

Happiness, joy, children: How many times are so out of hand? Judge it yourself! You will enjoy moments round.