erasmus serv - University Students and Erasmus

University Students and Erasmus

Being a college student is to live a life full of thrills, do you dare with this one?

Imagine being able to enjoy with your friends with a football match with bubbles that will be remembered not for the result but for the laughs and good times, it is one of the activities that generate unity and fraternity. Organizes matches and tournaments against other universities, Erasmus invites everyone to play tournaments and can take this experience back to their countries, shows that university has the best players of Bubble Football. Will you let another university later?

univers int - University Students and Erasmus

The fourth of career arrives and what seemed serious studies begin to drift into an unexpected desire to end that often joins the possibility of an Erasmus and thus all the stories and legends that comes around… Sometimes it also occurs on third of career , so the “chaos” seems to begin. Why?

College parties: Thursdays and Fridays from madness to remember the student days in some cases and also the Erasmus student how many others. That’s what a young expect to find when you decide to take the step to go on Erasmus and the last thing you expect family elders to happen (something really almost inevitable), but … and although it seems impossible from Bubble Football bring a possible alternative in Barcelona for those undecided or not so much wanting to make your experience in another city, unforgettable Do we call crazy about sharing our proposal with this group? No.

It has always been said that the University is a world apart. A stage that is recommended to all live and much of the population agrees that it is one of the best stages of life of people. That’s why we know from Bubble Football is an ideal activity for those groups that studying hard during the year and especially at exam time and when they just need time off and childhood, in this line and knowing that need we encourage you to invite your friends grade or class to enjoy a soccer game Bubble. Did you think have tried everything? We know not! Within those things you have to try at least once in life … build a memory with fellow Race is something that comes as unforgettable and together with the team of Football Bubble it will.

If you are also in a residence because while these of Erasmus, or live far enough to have to be in it during the week Is not it a good memory to never forget you? We focus on the yes, indeed, many are the times when students from other countries decide to write a book on his college memories leaving them Bubble Football in Barcelona and Catalonia.

Let the Bubbles roll, round moments!