Is Bubble Football safe?

Yes, you can relax as our monitors constantly monitor the activity, ensuring the proper use of the material and enlivening the party that you may live the best and most fun experiences Bubble Football.

I want to organize a Bubble Football match in some place I know, is it possible?

Yes of course, we moved Bubble Football ® wherever you want!

To enjoy the convenience of home delivery is necessary to hire a minimum of 2 hours.

If you take care of the arrangements and rental of football, only you should be aware that we need the facilities where they want to play, meet the following requirements:

  • Field natural / artificial turf or parquet (In all cases cement or sand).
  • Ability to assemble and disassemble the activity 45 minutes before and after the event.
  • Outlet less than 30 meters, available on the preparation and during the game.

Ability to download the material near the golf / football pitch and leave the parked vehicle.

Can we play if we are less than 8 players?

Of course you can play! The minimum price to organize a match is 160 €/hour, total price group.

It includes the same as in groups with more participants:

  • 1 hour Bubble Football match
  • Soccer field rental
  • Sport wear (chest guard and greaves)
  • Monitors
  • Water
  • Music
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Mutual in case of accidents
  • Liability insurance activity

We are few, would you mix us with other groups to make larger teams?

We organize events and tournaments where you can participate. It will be reported in our social networks and/or news section.

Is there a maximum number of players?

You can come and play as many players as you like, we will organize a “tournament” with your the different teams so everyone can play. Fun is guaranteed!

Is it necessary to confirm the booking with 100€ deposit?

It is absolutely necessary to do the payment of 100€ to do the reservation, confirming your attendance. Otherwise, the book won’t be formalized and could be automatically canceled.

When should I choose small bubbles? When the big ones?

Small bubbles are ideal for kids from 1 meter high and up to 1.40m. That is, children of about 6-11.

From 1.40 and more, there’s no age or height limit for using large bubbles.

Is it required to take the extra photographic and video report service?

It is an optional service we use to recommend so you can immortalize your original and fun experience with Bubble Football, but of course is not mandatory.

Do the instructors speak english and other languages?

Yes, if you ask for them in advance, we have monitors that will cheer the day in english or french.

Can we book any of the football fields you have on the website?

Football fields would be eligible by availability. Therefore, if you prefer a particular football field, you can write us in ‘Additional Information’ but you should have to play in the day and time that football field has available.

However, if you have flexibility in choosing football fields, as long as there is availability we will respect the day and time you have selected, choosing the field we think fits the best.

Can you play in the rain?

Yes! And it’s the same or even more fun experience than in good weather, as you will slide and fall on the football field with ease.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation would be available when:

  • In case of advance notice up to 15 days in advance, the refund is 100%.
  • If the cancellation occurs with notice of 14 days up to 72 hours before the event, the refund is 50%.
  • If the cancellation occurs 72 hours before the event or less time, the payment can not be returned.
  • If the cancellation, in outdoor soccer field, is due to adverse weather conditions, understanding as rain or hail, the refund will be 100%, provided that the client is present on the date and time.
  • The postponed reserves that have already advanced the payment and signal, will have to be made in the same year in course.

What if I am late to the match?

The Bubble Football match would be the one you previously booked, the activity will start at the agreed time to formalize your assistance.

If your group does not arrived at the reserved time, you can call 634 881 666 announcing that you will arrive late but are still interested in playing and pay the price stipulated in the Rates section of this site, if monitors are not warned, they will leave after 35 minutes pass of the time that would have to start your party and the deposit of 100 € will not be returned.