Game rules

reglas - Game rules

As in any sport it is important to define the framework in which the activity so that all participants can know what the correct operation of the event and no unforeseen or misunderstandings once you start the game will develop.

To quietly enjoy a day of Bubble Football is important to be clear about the different rules for that activity to develop normally and without any shock. On one side are the rules to follow in regards to the game itself and secondly those relating to the necessary equipment.

1. Get ready to have a great time
2. Enjoy even more than you thought
3. Tell you friends and repeat

This are the rules of Bubble Football:

  1. There are no rules! It is a sport that you link to download adrenaline without any complications. Therefore pushing, queue at the goal and roll instead of running, are permitted provided they do with respect and sportsmanship. Try to score a goal and when the ball enters the net of the goal, clearly be a goal.

Common sense rules:

  • Space will be limited by the dimensions of the field in which he is to perform the activity, you can not leave this area with bubble.
  • It is mandatory to play games Bubble Football always inside the bubble and the harness.
  • Violence is prohibited, the goal is fun cleanly, so bad intentions are left out of the field.
  • Be respectful and follow the instructions of our team.

Recommended for kit:

  • Apparel (clothing and footwear) must be adequate to perform physical activity. We recommend wear sneakers, T-shirt or sweatshirt (no tank top) and sweatpants. We take care that has changing rooms and showers available to players when they play in our facilities.
  • Football Bubble will handle breastplates, different colors to distinguish the two teams that made the game. It will also provide knee in indoor soccer fields, to ensure any blow that might occur.