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Surprise your guests! live a memorable game!

We have the perfect solution for your camping, hotel or holiday center with Bubble Football your guests will enjoy a different experience, your activities team will be able to continue to surprise your customers and get incredible moments of fun. In the resorts clients seek new experiences, also if they are related to sports and adrenaline can release a lot better, why it is so successful in hotels and campsites. Do you like your holiday center is always remembered?

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When the holidays arrive, both winter, spring or summer, and hotels Campsites are spaces that are occupied more or less depending on whether it is high or low season. Bubble Football is designed for those Campsites and Hotels Catalonia has a wide variety of services to offer to their customers, what impact do you think that would cause a futbol game Bubble? This we could explain, and write pages attaching videos and images but what if you live it?

We are a differential value as a sporting recreational activity on all proposals offered by various establishments and spaces, and we believe that if you’re going to have a summer full of people, it becomes almost essential to offer something new and Bubble Soccer it is, We start?

Bubble Football is an ideal activity for campsites and hotels Why? Spaces at certain times of year reserves are full of people who want to spend a few special events. To give them all they expect is important to reinvent itself and the ultimate in service and leisure proposal in this line Bubble Football meets and exceeds the expectations that the customer gets when he wants to spend a weekend or a dream holiday.

Would you want to have a tournament within your camping? Or would you prefer to challenge another? These are just some of the ideas from the womb share for yourselves ye may ask all the strategies according to your audience and the area in which you are, but also we can adapt and plan proposals as for those spaces so required. The younger the campsite looking to your site and get off this activity besides encouraging their sociability with other kids in the same place, which sometimes becomes impossible do we break unattainable? We add!

Many who seek their differential Hotels in close proximity to the coast, or on mountain pass, the pools is something they already have most and very few have the service of Bubble Football. Do you differences? We have the ideal solution for who can get proposal and can adapt to your needs and safety Fun! Want more information?