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What is Bubble Football or Soccer Bubble?

Bubble Football, also known as Bubble Soccer and Soccer Bubble, is a new sports and leisure mode in football that aims to offer all lovers and lovers of the same sport a unique and different experience that is far from the traditional one. Recently created, it is an alternative for all those who, without being football fanatics, and in many cases also “skilful”, can play football with the assurance that they will do well.

Rules of the game

As with all sports, it is important to define the framework in which the activity will be developed so that all participants can know the correct functioning of the event and there will be no unexpected or misunderstandings once the game has started.

  1. Observe the rules of the game Bubble Football:

There are no rules! It is a sport to download adrenaline without complications. Therefore, push them to the goal and roll instead of running, they are allowed provided they are respected and sporty.

It is necessary to try to score goal and when the ball crosses the goal line, it will clearly be a goal.

Rules of common sense: 

  • The space will be delimited by the dimensions of the game ground in which the activity is going to be carried out, you can not leave this area with the bubble.
  • It is mandatory to play Bubble Football games always in the bubble and with the harness put on.
  • Violence is totally prohibited, the objective of the game is to have fun, so that bad intentions are left out of the field.
  • Be respectful and follow the instructions of our referee.

Recommendations for equipment:

  • Clothing (clothing and footwear) must be the right one to be able to perform a physical activity. We recommend to wear sports shoes, shirts or sweatshirts (no braid shirt) and sports pants. We take care of dressing rooms and showers available to players when they play at our facilities.
  • Bubble Football will take care of the pockets on both teams that will play the game. Also knees in the indoor football fields.
bubble football2019 - Bubble Football
Bubble Football Barcelona 1 - Bubble Football
¡Bubble Football, most funny and original sport ¿Ready?

Bubble Football 1 hour

20 €person
  • From 8 players
  • 1 hour
  • Instructor and music
  • Water
  • Sport Equipment
  • Accidents insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Rental Sports Center (With showers)

Bubble Football Pack 2 hours

400 €group
  • From 8 players
  • 2 hours
  • Instructor and music
  • Water
  • Sports equipment
  • Accidents insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Sports Center Rental (With shower)

Bubble Football Pack Infantil 1 hour

160 €group with 8 bubbles
  • From 8 players
  • 1 hour
  • Instructor and music
  • Water
  • Sports Equipment
  • Accidents insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Sports Center Rental (With showers)

Materials needed to play Bubble Football

Bubble football as its name indicates is a novel mode of sport known worldwide as it is football. Being so similar to him can be practiced both in the indoor football field and in the lawn. Always ensuring that it is a fully qualified and valid space to practice it without endangering the integrity of the players or the deterioration of the material used at any time.

Soccer bubble emerged in 2011 on a Norwegian television and its expansion at the international level no longer knows borders or limits. Only a few elements make up it and they are: A playground, a ball and a bubble for each player. The rest only depends on the equipment and the desire to have fun and enjoy. In order to play Bubble Football, the following materials are required:

ropa deporte - Bubble Football


This is essential because those who try it can ensure that, in addition to being an incredible experience, it is a very physical activity since any movement involves an effort to lift and move the bubble and an abdominal work of consideration.

bubble - Bubble Football


You will be given to each player a Bubble that will adapt to your height. Being the maximum size of 2 meters of the sphere. Keep in mind that its weight can range between 10 and 15 kg.

rodilleras - Bubble Football


A knee brace to cushion the possible blows and guarantee with them the safety and reliability of being a sport totally risk-free.

peto - Bubble Football


A pocket of colors to identify both sides and avoid confusion in the field of play.

balon futbol - Bubble Football


Y como en cualquier partido el balón de fútbol que podrá ser normal o de fútbol sala eso ya queda a vuestra elección.

silbato - Bubble Football


The referee who will direct the encounter and control everything works in the most appropriate way.

As a final recommendation I would say that after a few minutes of being inside the bubble the initial feeling of “drowning” disappears completely. In most cases it does not appear. The point is to have fun with the rest of your classmates. The best and most memorable moments occur when players clash with each other when they try to take control of the ball. It is very likely that you are going to turn around thanks to the inertia of the movements. The minimum height to be played is 150 cms.

Remember, the materials are:

  • Bubbles (Number of bubbles depending on the type of service you have hired): Bubble are all semi-transparent. We have two different sizes to adapt to the size of the players (the minimum height to be able to participate is 1 meter) All the bubbles are equipped with a backpack harness to hold the bubble to the body so that there is no danger of who escapes They also carry hand grips on the front, which provide a greater control of the bubble to the player, so you can run and bounce safely.
  • Petos: to identify the different teams.
  • Balls: There will be soccer balls that guarantee that the activity does not stop at any time.
  • Kneissers: In the indoor football fields that will be played on parqut or synthetic track, we will provide knees to avoid possible scratches.
  • Music: In order for the game to be even more fun there will be background music. It is never known whether at the end of the game players can cheer up and do the victory or defeat dance, or simply to delight potential spectators.
  • Referee: There will always be a monitor exercising as referee of the party, taking care that this one develops with total security and amenizar the atmosphere.
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