Required materials to play Bubble Football

Bubble Football as the name suggests is a new mode of global sport known as football. Being so similar to it you can be practiced in both track and football field. Always watching it a fully enabled and applies to the practice of it without compromising at any moment the integrity of the players or the deterioration of the material used space.

Bubble Soccer emerged in 2011 in a Norwegian television and its international expansion and knows no borders or boundaries. Only a few constituent elements are: A tennis game, a ball and a bubble for each player. The rest depends only on the equipment and the desire to have fun and enjoy.

In order to play Bubble Football is required of the following materials:

ropa deporte 300x300 - Materials


This is critical because people who try it can ensure that, in addition to being an incredible experience, is a very physical activity as any movement implies an effort to lift and move the bubble and work abdominal consideration.

bubble 300x300 - Materials


You will receive a Bubble that suit your stature. The maximum size is 2 meters. Please note that your weight can vary between 10 and 15 kgs.

rodilleras 300x300 - Materials


Greaves to cushion the bumps and guarantee the safety and reliability of being a totally risk-free sport.

peto 300x300 - Materials


A colored chest guard to identify each team and avoid confusion on the field.

balon futbol 300x300 - Materials


And as in any other soccer match,a soccer ball may be normal or futsal at your choice.

silbato 300x300 - Materials


A referee will take care of everything so the match works in the most appropriate manner.

As a final recommendation say that after a few minutes of being inside the bubble the initial feeling of “choking” disappears completely. In most cases or appears. The point is to have fun with the rest of your colleagues. The best and most memorable moments occur when players collide when attempting to gain control of the ball. It is likely to arrive to do cartwheels through the inertia of the movements. The minimum height to play is 150 cms.

Remember, the materials are:

  • Bubbles (number of bubbles depending on the type of service that is contracted): The bubble are all semi-transparent. We have two different sizes to adapt to the heights of the players (minimum height to participate is 1 meter) All bubbles are fitted with a harness like a backpack to hold the bubble to the body so there is no danger of it escape. They also carry some handles for hands on the front, which provide greater control of the bubble to the player, so you can run and bounce safely.
  • Colored chest guard: to identify the different teams.
  • Balls: There will footballs to ensure that the activity does not stop at any time.
  • Greaves: In the fields of indoor football to be played on parqut or synthetic track, provide knee pads to avoid scratches.
  • Music: To make the game even more fun there will be background music. You never know if at the end of the game players can encourage and do the dance of victory or defeat, or simply to delight the spectators possible.
  • Referee: There will always be serving as referee of the match, taking care that it develops safely and liven up the environment monitor.