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Manages to surprise your customers and get the best entertainment for children and adults.

It is increasingly difficult to surprise customers, so many malls also have already begun to use formulas in order to make live experiences in their facilities, including differential value. You can do loyalty campaigns with shops, discount purchase offer activity or improve customer feedback, the possibilities are endless when Bubble Football offer within the mall. Our department will also make a study revitalization of the best football activities with bubbles and the impact generated. Would not you like to have your center customers who value the experiences that live in it?

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Shopping carts piled up hundreds, some of them many times without tying, many who steal the money and no way to remove it. We have not yet come to buy and we are already looking forward to go, because that pisses, and how. How much do you think is hurt your purchase if customers come to your establishment pissed, either by itself or causes problems already dragged out?

If we add that many stores have low visibility within the mall, our becomes an important opportunity to conduct a marketing within your facilities like never before seen in another enclosure, Need to know more? We can not be sure you’re going to sell more and who can ?, but yes there will be more people, so we are waiting for your call.

Would you like your mall receives more visitors than the competition? How could you win all those customers who do not know what time approach because children are still small and grandparents can not care? We will have to engage them in some way, for everyone knows that children tire quickly of shopping for and often not locate relatives who can take care, that moment when you break the barrier of serenity and become carriers of monumental tantrum , STOP! Do you think as a good investment? All rely question viewing one of those situations.

What if you could have a great activity for them? Bubble Football is fun and safe organizing it with us we raised it as ideal for shopping activity. What differential value over other establishments want to give your mall? And we are in a world where it is not moving and finally obsolete, as we do not want to be in that pile, we bring to you the proposal were asking.

In a sector which is difficult to capture the attention of customers above the rest, as is often the proximity stores and their size, look for other ways to compete in the market, do not you think ?

In this line and taking advantage of the boom Bubble Football might be interesting to reservaras a space in one of the areas of the enclosure so that customers have a proposal that will be impressive, as fun to watch as to play and with guaranteed safety.