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Teambuilding activities

Improves the performance of your team with a high-impact activity.

They obsolete left the team building not working the high impact, that do not generate unity and fun in equal measure, with Bubble Football is achieved participants to experience an activity that not only will you have fun, but also a good adviser-coacher they may have lines of personal and professional growth, as the lessons to be drawn from the activity are varied. If you are a coacher-mentor and want to give added value to your workouts, Bubble Football is the perfect sport to expand your list of leadership skills, team management and resilience. You will remember by what they experienced while learning.

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Paintball, activities near the sea, hike in the mountains, get to eat … What’s that? Renew! What? The answer is closer than you ever before imagined and we will present the idea.

Ideal activity to unite the working group … or separate? No! How often the working groups are attached away from the atmosphere of work: duties, responsibilities, stress … It’s time for Thou as head invite your team to spend big, yes, sorry! (It has touched you) you’ll roll and more than you think, is the price one has to pay for running, but do not worry under strict security and accountability of all equipment Bubble Football so you will pass big and It is likely to have to repeat sooner than you think. That’s being a beater head. Nobody said it was easy fame thing and that is what you have when one is boss. You win or you get reputations like that then do not deserve, but when in the track label is more than clear: OBJECTIVE 1 and like a RPG were, Demolition and advances !. That is not enough proven efficiency and productivity of your team improve. What more could you want?

But you can be as a department you to invite the head of it to “have fun”, you know that you are going to laugh, he does not know, wait. Salary increases, reduced working hours, incentives, become the main purpose for which win it or roll it, but no one thinks about it, right? Let the party begin!

However, sometimes we really momentous questions to value and make us “shake” all the logical structure of the company … is the best marketing department or worse than … Commercial and Administrative Department does? Organizes a day where everyone has to defend their interests and see who rolls whom. I also you can play after the snack, that is already in your hands, we give you the excuse and you prepare the game, you and you give to the time and solution.

We would not want that competition had an experience of this type before you, but we’ve put all eggs in one basket When will your company will come and perform a futbol game Bubble?