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Make your parties and city events memorable playing soccer with bubbles.

Many municipalities and associations perform sports and leisure activities in solidarity parties and events of towns and cities, with Bubble Football both children and adults will enjoy a different, surprising and fun activity.

We can organize games for all ages with our bubbles, as activities on different days and conformed perfectly to the multi-sports days.

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We all know those times when campaigns become endless and many parties are able to write programs as fast as some of the fastest races held by the sprinters in the 100 m of the Olympics, in many of them is also likely that leisure is not one of the major themes still are convinced that for campaigning, for parties who plan to perform as autonomous both local and if we venture statewide, cover with expectations and good image for all supporters of the same actions. That is why when the different local, provincial or national holidays approach, many possibilities that can be offered to our citizens and given that the offer today seems scarce in many areas, from Bubble Football intend to expand the range of services to all the different celebrations or events that are to take place shortly and in places near each of the possible entities.

If you are an institution, perhaps ideal for the upcoming celebrations activity is organizing events Bubble Football in which they accommodate all age groups and can give a casual to the circumstances that often surround the city air, gone are the village festivals where all the people gathered to eat together, since it is increasingly clear that young people prefer doing activities with groups of their own age and older are relegated to the background sometimes wanting many other non- . Times change and it is the duty if you do not want to stagnate in each of the towns renew How? Reinventing the proposals made, how? Adapting to the most minimal actions that audience potential that best suits. Putting beside the train track to play witch aFútbol Bubble? After fishing lucky ducks at the fair?

Look what day it is the next festival in the region and contact us! What have you lost so far? Play to win!

When all the ideas that have developed not get out of your comfort zone, what can you lose innovate? Discover far reach your limits. A fun!